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From pay to the GI Bill, from VA home loans to health care, your military service has earned you valuable military benefits. Whether you're on active duty, a veteran or retiree, we make using your military & Veteran benefits easy.

 Military Benefits by Status
Active Duty Military
Pay & Money, Military Tax Center, GI Bill, Financial/Legal Protection (SCRA),
Education Help, TRICARE, Discounts,
Civilian Job Search, Deployment Center ,
Family Support
, Forms, Health Care, Installations, Insurance, Military Law, Relocation, Space A Travel, Transition Help,
VA Loans, More...

Pay & Money, Drill Pay, GI Bill, VA Loans, Temporary Reserve TRICARE,
Military Tax Center, Deployment Center, Education Help, Family Support, Discounts,
Employment Protection (USERRA)
Employer Support (ESGR), Forms, Financial/Legal Protection (SCRA),
Civilian Job Search
, Installations,
Military Law
, Relocation, Space A Travel, Transition Help, TRICARE, More...

National Guard
Pay & Money, Drill Pay, GI Bill, VA Loans, Deployment Center , Military Tax Center, Education Help, Forms, Family Support,
Employment Protection (USERRA)
Employer Support (ESGR),
Financial/Legal Protection (SCRA)
Civilian Job Search, Discounts,
Installations, Military Law, Relocation,
Space A Travel, Transition Help, TRICARE,

Veteran's Benefits Act of 2003,
Military Tax Center,
GI Bill, VA Loans, Appeals, Buddy Finder, Civilian Jobs,
Death & Burial
, Disability, Discounts,
Education Help, Health Care,
Employment & Training
, Forms, Insurance,
Reunions, Records Request, More...

Concurrent Receipt, CRSC,
Appeals, Buddy Finder, Careers, Disability, Discounts, Education, GI Bill, Forms,
Health Care, Installations, Insurance,
Military Law, Pay & Money, Records,
Reunions, Military Tax Center,
Social Security, Space A Travel,
Survivor Benefits
, TRICARE for Life,
VA Loans
, Records Request, More...

 Military Reference
Military Equipment Guides
Aircraft, Vessels/Subs, Ground Vehicles,
Ordnance, Weapons, Indiv. Equipment,
Electronic Equipment, Foreign Equipment

Current Events
Military Headlines, The Early Bird Briefing,
Global Hotspots, At the Frontlines,
Terrorist Notebook, Iraq War Analysis,
Intel & Rumors

Foreign Military Directory
North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Antarctica

Military History
Cold War Memories, Gettysburg, Gulf War,
The Korean War
, Military Trivia,
Pearl Harbor, Veterans Letters & Stories,
Vietnam, The 4th of July, Iwo Jima,

Military Installation/Base Guides
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, More...

Proceedings, Stars and Stripes

Service Links
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps,
Coast Guard

Special Features
TechTV Specials,
Military Opinion and Commentary,
Selective Service, Tax Guide, The U.S. Flag,
Insignia Guide, Military Multimedia

 Military Benefits by Topic
Pay & Money
All About Pay, Military Tax Center,
Enlisted Pay Charts
, Officer Pay Charts, Retiree, COLA, BAH,
Reserve Pay Calculator, Special Pays,
Guard Pay Calculator
, BAS, Pay Help,
Regular Military Compensation
, More...

Education & Scholarships
Tuition Assitance, College Credit for Service, GI Bill, Why School?
Education on Active Duty,
Reserve/Guard Education, State Benefits ,
Scholarship Search, Dependents' Education,
Graduate School Center
, Top-Up,
Military-Friendly School Finder

Finance Solutions
Auto Loans, Banking, Car Buying Tips,
Credit Education, Discounts, Home Buying, Home Refinancing, Insurance, Personal Loans, Military Taxes, VA Loans, More...

Military Careers
Joining the Military, Transition Assistance,
Civilian Job Search, Mentor Network,
Reserve & Guard Options, Education, More...

Active Duty, Reserve/Guard, Family Support, Employer Support (ESGR),
Employment Protection (USERRA),
Financial/Legal Protection (SSCRA), More...

Shopping Center, Discount Center,
Car & Motorcycle Deals, Space A Travel,
Discount Travel, More...

Army, Navy & Marines, Air Force,
Coast Guard, Dept. of Defense,
Veterans Administration
, DD-214,
VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility,
Records Request, Medal Replacement

Gear & Uniform Items
Discounted Gear & Surplus, Flags,
Medals & Insignia, Unit Clothing

TRICARE for Life, Long-Term Care, More...

Military Law
Legal Assistance, Courts Martial
Non-Judicial Punishment
, Veterans Appeals,
Top 10 Investment Scams, More...

Correcting Military Records, Getting Records,
Replacing Records, Form DD-214, More...

E-Cards, Game Center, Gettysburg Game,
Military Bookshelf, Multimedia,
Stuff We're Into, Trivia Challenge, More...

 Military Community
Community Centers
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps,
Coast Guard

Connections & Tributes
Buddy Finder, Reunions,
Unit and Tribute Pages, Mentor Network,
Discussions, eCards, Medals & Insignia,
Trivia Challenge

Military Museums and Memorials
Aircraft/Air Force, American Revolution,
Civil War, Forts & Battlefields, Naval,
Vietnam War, World War II, More...

Service News
Daily Military News
Education Benefits
Veteran Careers
Money Matters
Joining the Military

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Buddy Finder
Pay & Benefits
Veteran Jobs
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Scholarship Search
Gear & Surplus
Military Reunions
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Joining the Military

Military Network
Military Benefits
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